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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (ESD)

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Through improved features, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise delivers an enterprise-class platform for essential applications such as databases, messaging systems, and file and print services. Gain access to failover clustering, server core, fault-tolerant memory synchronization, and cross-file replication with Microsoft’s large-scale server operating system.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Product Highlights:

  • Support for up to 8 processors and 2 TB of RAM
  • Improved Active Directory features and access to Active Directory Federated Services.
  • Supports up to 16 node clusters.
  • Improved Server Manager
  • XML-based configuration system.
  • This product is a digital license.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise


Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CDs/DVDs and boxes

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise is a large-scale 64-bit operating system upgrade to Microsoft’s famous 2003 version. With Windows 2008 Server, enjoy the improved Active Directory infrastructure this system introduces. In addition, improved user interface and hosting options mean that your digital infrastructure can be taken to new heights.

In a time when most businesses have moved online, and workers and students are staying at home, you need software that can meet the demands of school, work, and businesses, whether done remotely or not.

Furthermore, Microsoft knows your needs. It provides the best productivity tools for every kind of family or business. It enables you to tackle different scenarios and demands with the best office tools possible.

So, get your Windows Server 2008 Enterprise for 64-bit system downloads from the Softvire online store. With Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, your digital networks will stay stable and ready to improve without all the hassle.

Upgraded admin and config tools

Server 2008 gives an efficient, task-focused administration tool to help delegate routine functions to site owners and developers. Reduce your deployment time with Windows Server 2008 Standard’s new XML-based configuration system. Moreover, centrally manage your IIS 7.0 configuration across Web servers with Windows Server Standard 2008’s new shared configuration mode.

Create more vibrant web-based experiences.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise provides robust hosting through Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS) support for ASP.NET, Windows Communication Foundation for XML services, classic ASP, and the new FastCGI module for other app frameworks like PHP. You can customize or extend IIS 7.0 using native (C/C ) or managed (C#/ Visual Basic . NET) code.

Achieve lower infrastructure costs.

You are installing only the components you need. Reduce downtime through improved diagnostic and troubleshooting tools. In addition, you can do this while taking advantage of automatic application isolation for newly created Websites. With Windows Web Server 2008, your hardware efficiently works towards your goals.

Ready for large-scale computing

Finally, with support for up to 16 node clusters, eight processors, and 2 TB of RAM, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise is the server operating system for large organizations and ideas.

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13 reviews for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (ESD)

  1. Spencer Dean

    I enjoy the enhanced Active Directory infrastructure, which this framework introduces by Windows 2008 Server. Also, the upgraded user experience and hosting options mean that it is possible to push the digital infrastructure to greater heights.

  2. Skylar Watts

    I really like that it is swift to install applications. You have many functions, such as the desktop, where it is much easier to find the applications you want to use. Its function of being able to place two screens is very efficient.

  3. Vanessa Baron

    Remote Desktop services are nowadays handy, efficient, and rich in functions to work remotely. File sharing, which I consider is of a high level, unlike other programs similar to this one. It allows you to record sessions easily and safely, which has helped us improve our IT practices.

  4. Thierry Mcmanus

    I was skeptical at first because I am a software developer by profession. Still, I am using this for studying at home and have several computers that I work on, so I purchased it, and it functions flawlessly for all of the programming sets. It’s awesome and well worth the money! Thank you so much!

  5. Mischa Cooley

    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 is a fantastic system. The last ‘great’ before stupid metro. Very secure, very solid, very reliable.

  6. Antoine Huerta

    Windows Server is used across our organization to solve a variety of business problems. We have a cluster of Windows Server 2016 as our primary domain controllers. We also use Windows Servers to solve other business problems, including hosting business analytics services.

  7. Sigmond Chance

    We are currently using Windows Server for active directory and website resources for our business as a whole. Overall, it solves the ease of use for maintenance and transfer of data over a stable network and helps us secure backups for our workstations.

  8. Matthew Woodward

    With its streamlined features, I got faster overall performance from Microsoft Windows Server.

  9. Zach Fuckerson

    This server is the standard go to operating system for most businesses.

  10. Kelly Thomas

    Excellent server OS, running it in our workplace, my manager will be doing updates on it this weekend. Hopefully, there are no issues. The price is fair, and customer service assists me well. Recommended this online website to buy the software.

  11. Claudius Slape

    Protecting data integrity and confidentiality, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise provides better defense against cybersecurity threats.

  12. Romeo Monte

    As a system analyst, I’ve worked extensively with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, and it never fails to impress.

  13. Mahi Malsbury

    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise has been a reliable backbone for our network operations. The new failover clustering features are impressive and have improved our system’s resilience. The ESD format was straightforward to deploy, saving us a lot of time compared to traditional installation methods.

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