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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 ESD Remote Desktop Services

(8 customer reviews)

Original price was: $1,071.43.Current price is: $857.14.

Part Number: 6VC-03055

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services opens up a new world of possibilities for businesses to take advantage of remote work. Without sacrificing the quality of access, lay down the groundwork for your organization to be efficient and productive while on the go.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services 5 User CAL (ESD) Product Highlights:

  • Tailor-fit the user experience based on the organization’s needs.
  • Access the original work desktop and company resources from anywhere, with any device.
  • Have the software power to run demanding applications remotely.
  • Be assured that your organization’s proprietary information is secure even with remote accessibility.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Contains 5 Client Access Licenses (CAL).
  • Compatible with both physical and virtual servers.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 ESD Remote Desktop Services


Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CDs/DVDs and boxes.

Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop 2016 has the right solution for your mobile workforce needs. With Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop 2016, enable your workforce through Remote Desktop Services. Keep your organization efficient even when working remotely while keeping proprietary data and information safe. 

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This product contains 5 Client Access Licenses (CAL) that allow extra devices to access the server’s features.

Flexible remote work options

Windows Server Remote Desktop lets you choose between session-based virtualization, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), or a combination of the two for extending user access to other devices.

Ideal remote work setups

Set up full desktops accessible remotely by employees and clients, or use RemoteApps to run a complete workstation using a virtual machine. Window’s Remote Desktop Server is so robust that you’ll never look for another remote working solution after this.

MultiPoint Services

Extend the benefits of deploying full desktops in a session-based virtualization environment using MultitPoint Service, allowing multiple users to access a single computer simultaneously.

In a time when most businesses have moved online, and workers and students are staying at home, you need software that can meet the demands of school, work, and businesses, whether done remotely or not.

Microsoft knows your needs. It provides the best productivity tools for every family or business. In addition, it can tackle different scenarios and demands.

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8 reviews for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 ESD Remote Desktop Services

  1. Harvey Baldwin

    It is the most secure, consistent, and one of the most versatile remote desktop solutions that you can use – and I have found quite a few! You know what you get with this app, and it hits the mark regardless of the version I have used.

  2. Sander Floyd

    Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is fast, and the bandwidth is light. With enhanced compression, RDS is simply only sending screenshots with keyboard and mouse events. There is no SQL connection through the LAN or WAN. Both Client-Server software can be set up locally on a small network. Excellent product for everyone.

  3. Tom Greene

    The added security of just having 5 Client Access Licenses is something that I appreciate.

  4. Peter Gordom

    I like this RDS because the user has a secured access connection, and they can get access from managed to unmanaged devices.

  5. Joey Liam

    I ordered the 2016 server standard with five user CALS and had the product codes within 5 minutes. No problem with activating. I checked them out on the Microsoft partner website before ordering. Best price without the worry of gray market software. Satisfied customer

  6. Talmage Dainty

    We were quite pleased by how well Microsoft Windows Server 2019 ESD Remote Desktop worked with all of their other services.

  7. Kimberleigh Burcher

    With RDS, our team can access important resources securely from their home offices or while on the go, which has greatly improved collaboration and flexibility.

  8. Maizie Nelson

    I run a small business, and Windows Server 2016 has been instrumental in streamlining our operations.

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