Office 365 Family

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Microsoft Office 365 Family provides powerful online functionality unavailable to Microsoft Office’s retail version. Use cloud-based technology to access your files and documents with an internet connection from any phone you have anywhere in the world. Buy your subscription license for your productivity solution in Softvire, the leading software online store.

Office 365 Family 32/64-bit Product Highlights:
  • Access to modern versions of Microsoft classic applications.
  • 1TB OneDrive cloud storage for each user.
  • Collaborate online with team members on the same documents.
  • Digital license for a one year subscription.
  • Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Supports up to 6 users.

Office 365 Family


Microsoft Office 365 Family is the definite efficiency tool for your workstation. Installing Microsoft Office 365 on all devices is a tap away at home, work, or play.

So, don’t just try it. Buy your copy of Microsoft Office 365 from the Softvire online software store at fantastic deals and prices. In addition, Take your license and product keys for Microsoft Office 365 to take advantage of great discounts.

Pure digital

You will be brought to the future by Microsoft 365 to experience the most strong productivity suite ever created. So, to start work, download and install Microsoft Office 365 online.

Work with any device.

Use your Microsoft Account to access your Microsoft Office 365 password on any device, from Windows to Android. Therefore, you can access all the great Office apps for up to 5 other clients.

All the classic tools 

Have access to all the familiar Windows Office tools and functions you used in previous versions. Moreover, experience the vast improvements in functionality that cloud-based productivity suites allow. You can also export your work to any phone while maintaining access to your desired tools and features.

Cloud storage options

Finally, for each Microsoft Office 365 client, get 1 TB of space. Control your files and data at your discretion from the web.

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26 reviews for Office 365 Family

  1. Raylene Brooks

    I use Office 365 literally every single day. There’s no other solution that I’ve been able to find, giving me the power and functionality as will Office 365. Over the past couple of years, I’ve helped several small businesses streamline their various processes.

  2. Tamika Watson

    We use Office 365 in our workplace, and it is critical to everything that we do. It comes packaged with Skype for Business and Outlook, which our office uses exclusively for secure communications on the intranet. All the Microsoft products link and work together seamlessly, and there is a product for basically any office needs you to have.

  3. Kane Davis

    Office 365 has been absolutely outstanding. I can tell you that these things are my true work partners who help me handle my teams and work very easily and effectively. Without those things, I can’t imagine my desktop.

  4. Aimee Paul

    Microsoft Office 365 is well suited both for work and personal use. It helps with file administration and communication within departments. It implicates users in the responsible use of data.

  5. Danita Blair

    Microsoft 365 is a complete productivity program. You get to install on up to 5 computers (Windows or Apple). You get cloud storage and all the products you need to be successful in the office.

  6. Roswell Myers

    I really enjoy it. MS products are not perfect, but they are the standard and suffice for my needs. I really like the cloud integration with One Drive allowing me to work from any device or location. The 1 TB storage doesn’t hurt either. Leasing is really the way to go these days.

  7. Usman Lara

    Great productivity tools available for me and my family. Our family gets to use it for work or school because we got to install it in our 2 PCs and 1 Mac. Though, I was told we can install it to upto 5 computers.

  8. Ran Goodwin

    The best productivity software so far. It has a full installation of word, excel and powerpoint which is useful for my family.

  9. Rocco Kirk

    Excellent. I’ve tried several suites, and the differences are humongous! I prefer this suite overall alternatives out there because it is bug-free, constantly updated, and has all of the features you may need to get great and polished work.

  10. Willie Brown

    Office 365 Family is an incredible value for the features it offers. The cloud storage and mobile app access are game-changers. It’s perfect for my family’s needs, whether for schoolwork, business, or personal projects. The subscription is hassle-free, and the support is top-notch.

  11. Levi Clark

    Office 365 Family has been a reliable tool for our family’s office needs. Overall, it’s a solid choice for households.

  12. Harper Clark

    Office 365 has everything that I need to use for my small business and to also for my family.

  13. Michella Birky

    I’ve been using Office 365 Family for my freelance work, and it’s been fantastic. The cloud storage feature ensures that I never lose my files, and the seamless integration across devices means I can work from my laptop, tablet, or phone without any hassle. It’s worth the investment.

  14. Mia Cooper

    Office 365 Family has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality, collaboration, and security.

  15. Mia Thompson

    I’ve been using Office 365 Family for a few months now, and it’s been a great addition to our household. The apps work seamlessly, and I love the regular updates.

  16. Logan Moore

    I highly recommend Office 365 Family for anyone looking to enhance their family’s digital productivity and collaboration.

  17. Elijah Cooper

    I can’t imagine our family without Office 365 Family now. The collaboration features, especially in Microsoft Teams, have transformed how we work and communicate. It’s an absolute must-have for any family!

  18. Celia Govert

    I use this program for private and business purposes, although a bit more demanding program it gives me a bit of fun while working.

  19. Oliver Turner

    Office 365 has everything that I need to use for my small business and to also for my family.

  20. Evangeline Moller

    With Office 365, I feel like Microsoft Office has caught up to modern technology in business. Office 365 installs quickly, offers a wide selection of tools, and integrates well across the product line.

  21. Theodore Lee

    Office 365 Family is a lifesaver for my family! With the ability to install Office apps on multiple devices and the generous OneDrive storage, it has simplified our work and school tasks. Highly recommended!

  22. Harper Reed

    No more worrying about outdated software. With Office 365, I’m always using the latest versions of Word, Excel, and the whole gang.

  23. Liam Hayes

    It’s like having a tech-savvy friend who keeps everything fresh and up to speed without me lifting a finger.

  24. Cathy Furniss

    Office 365 Family has significantly enhanced the organization of our family’s digital life. By having individual accounts for each family member, we can maintain distinct email, calendar, and file systems that are both separate and conveniently accessible.

  25. Caleb Thompson

    Security is a top priority for my business, and Office 365 doesn’t disappoint. The included security features and regular updates make it a trustworthy solution. The 1-year subscription simplifies the billing process.

  26. Jessica Taylor

    Office 365 Family has been a game-changer for my family’s productivity. The cloud-based apps and storage make it easy to collaborate on projects and share files, and the included Outlook email service keeps us organized and connected.

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