Microsoft Windows 8.1

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Get more work done faster with Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional. With improved multi-tasking abilities and a streamlined interface designed for a more natural workflow, Windows 8.1 should be the secure operating system of choice for your workstation.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Product Highlights:

  • New Start Screen features are familiar but more flexible
  • Multi-app auto-fit features allow you to do more on one screen.
  • Touch support lets you navigate your system easier.
  • Supports up to one device.
  • Digital and Physical products

Microsoft Windows 8.1


Organize your files and shortcuts as you’ve never done in the previous Windows version with Windows 8.1 Pro. The Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro product’s key features revolve around giving you the power to watch, play, and work how you want – all on just one PC. Windows 8.1 Pro also includes all the software download improvements you need from Windows 8 Pro.

When most businesses move online, and workers and students stay home, you need software that can meet the demands of school, work, and businesses, whether done remotely or not.

Microsoft knows your needs. It provides the best productivity tools for you. These tools fit every kind of family or business and tackle different scenarios and demands.

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The familiar Windows experience

You can access all your programs and files even with the new Start Screen setup. You can do this through the familiar Windows user interface we all know and love.

Touch-enabled lifestyle

Aside from traditional mouse and keyboard setups, Windows 8.1 Professional supports the use of a touch interface. Navigate your apps and folders quickly and naturally with this touch-screen-enabled operating system from Microsoft.

Access anywhere 

Download all your essential files to your phone, tablet, or PC using SkyDrive. The new Microsoft account feature allows you to share your personalizations to any other Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional device.

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22 reviews for Microsoft Windows 8.1

  1. Reagan Joseph

    It is a fast method of service with few flaws. There are some new features that you can use that can run on different devices. Its new interface is excellent, perfect for operating, and the user does not tire when using it. Windows 8 has changed, and the image is very stunning in the processing of graphics. It is great for people who use video editing and photo editing.

  2. Wendy Hamer

    A major benefit of Windows 8 is that many applications are available for the OS directly from the app providers’ websites – great news for those who are less tech knowledgeable.

  3. Dominic Parsons

    Window 8 was one of the strongest operating systems of the day. It was a well-built program with both basic and comprehensive features. I began my design career working on Windows 8, and it was straightforward and interactive to use as a beginner.

  4. Winnie Burch

    I like the latest design of Windows 8. I updated to Windows 8 as soon as I could and started using Windows 7. They’ve even added a dark theme in the new patches, which I really like; moreover, my computer doesn’t heat up as much anymore, which is another bonus for this operating system.

  5. Herman Douglas

    A big benefit of Windows 8 is that a vast range of applications is available for the OS directly from software providers’ websites – the great news particularly for the less tech-savvy.

  6. Charlie McDaniel

    Boots fast and with a great interface designed for both desktops and touch screens, you now have a new environment that is highly personalized in its design.

  7. Adam Robert

    What I love to MS Windows 8.1 is I have many ways to personalize my PC.

  8. Herman Arnold

    User-friendly and easy to access. GUI is good. Fast and reliable. The devices and drivers are auto plugin.

  9. Aleya Lukey

    It has a wonderful user interface especially compared to its previous model windows 7.

  10. Tobie Mallison

    It’s simple and easy to use the new Windows software. There were no issues with installation.

  11. Mason Carter

    Windows 8.1 maintained compatibility with a wide range of software and devices. The app ecosystem continued to grow, offering users a variety of applications to enhance their experience.

  12. Tegan Vanes

    Windows 8 is simple to use and navigate via apps and websites. Windows Defender has enhanced protection, and integrating older apps is easy.

  13. Christopher Davis

    I’ve been using Windows 8.1 for a while now, and I’m impressed with the improvements Microsoft has made. The interface is sleek and modern, and features like Snap View and Charms make multitasking a breeze. Plus, the built-in apps are useful and easy to use. I definitely recommend it

  14. Liam Davis

    The installation process for Windows 8.1 is relatively smooth and user-friendly. The setup wizard is intuitive, and it guides me through customization options.

  15. Theresa Fransen

    I’ve been using Windows 10 Home for a while now, and I’m impressed by its performance and stability. The multitasking capabilities are excellent, and I love the customizable Start menu. It’s a solid operating system for both work and personal use.

  16. Olivia Bennett

    Windows 8.1 feels faster and more responsive. Boot times are noticeably quicker, and applications launch with greater speed. The overall performance boost is a welcome change.

  17. Cornel Huskey

    I have been using Windows 8 for the last 2 years and I often get blue screen errors for no reason.

  18. Sophia Williams

    With improved performance, enhanced compatibility, and security features, Windows 8.1 provides me a versatile operating system which is what I really like.

  19. Fernanda Ipsen

    Despite compatibility improvements, some users encountered issues with specific applications not running correctly or experiencing glitches on Windows 8.1, leading to frustration and inconvenience.

  20. Mason Davis

    The addition of the Snap View feature allows for better multitasking. Being able to run and view multiple apps simultaneously on one screen enhances productivity.

  21. Jackson Carter

    Windows 8.1 generally ran smoother and faster than its predecessor, which was a plus for users who wanted better speed and responsiveness.

  22. Sophia Mitchell

    Security improvements, including updates to Windows Defender and other built-in security features, were generally well-received. Users appreciated the focus on enhancing the overall security of the operating system.

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